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About Us

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The Next Generation SEO and Digital Marketing

We have started our Internet Marketing journey back in 2009 while still in high school, having previous history and knowledge into IT and Computing.

Originally a team of 2 that launched a gaming website and was looking to find a way to rank it higher in the search engines, after succeeding in that mission, we decided to turn our method into a service that we will provide online.

We have founded our company back in 2012 and we have grown to a team of 6 full time marketeers to date, being one of the most reputable providers for SEO and Digital Marketing services in the world.

We have expanded and offer our services in multiple countries across the world. Our support is available 24/7 to answer your questions and we offer support in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian language.

Feel free to reach us should you have any questions or concerns!

It’s our pleasure to say that we have had the chance to work with so many people, from small blog owners, artists and DJs, to huge corporations and brands that have grown over the years while being our loyal customers. We hope to work with you as well and get you the attention that your website deserves.